Param Poojya Shri Gurudev always encourages village children to come up with new ideas and show their talent. As a result a series of competitions started. The first one was drawing competition, followed by different kind of races and games.

sports competitions concluded with musical chair race. Next in the pipeline were singing and mono act competition.

It was followed by Rangoli competition. Beautiful rangolis were drawn and filled with vibrant colors

All the competitions were of 2 categories: Juniors and seniors. The participants were aged from 5 years to 18 years. Saturdays were for activities and sundays the prize distribution was done.

The series came to an end with the celebration of liberty as all children danced and enjoyed up to their heart content




As decided earlier the children of Doddipalya participated in Drawing Competition on the subject “Environment” on 5th September. On 6th September, the winners received prizes from the lotus hands of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev


The next Saturday, 12th September competitions for the groups of girls and boys were held. First of all it was Frog race followed by circle and sticks game. Finally Tug of War was organized. The prize distribution for all the three events was on 13th September. These activities will continue every weekend.

After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

The participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15-8-2015, who had come from Pune, Mumbai, Mysore, Magadi and Bangalore city, narrated their experiences as following :-

* I felt splash of light when I was hit by Swamiji.

* After the touch of Swamiji body and mind experienced calmness.

* I lost myself, it was very nice.

* I felt content, and my ego was vanished.

* I felt flow of cool breeze entered the body .

* At the time of Shaktipaat I experienced the flow of vibrations.

* Getting a nice smell all over me, feel like all desires are fulfilled and felt light. Felt there is someone who will understand all my troubles and pains and protect me.

* I saw a snake in blue colour which was moving in a curly way. After that I saw the snake tapping my head and my head started moving front and back.

* Felt little lightness in body but my mind was totally outward.

* I am feeling relieved today after coming here. Hope it will last forever in my life to come.

* Felt the sweet smell during the meditation and Shaktipaat, when I was hit on the forehead a white light flashed.

* I had a vision of the sky where dark clouds were getting dispersed .

* I experienced peace, had vision of Guru and Shiva temple.

* Feeling very light and happy. * Before deeksha, several thoughts were rushing into my mind, just a bit tense. After deeksha, it became calm.

Smt Sonia Sharma of Noida , U.P. , who took Shaktipaat by remote writes – ‘I sat in meditation on intensive day at the mentioned timings. I felt a subtle wave entering through my head and some feeling around eyes (above and below eyes) and right ear. This was experienced in first 15-20 minutes of meditation.


Sri Nityananda Puniyatithi

Sri Nityananda Punyatithi

Sri Nityananda Punyatithi was observed on 11th August. At 10 am hymns and bhajans were sung along with the Naamdhun remembering gratefully Baba Nityananda. This session concluded with Arati shown to the great Siddha.

The next program was ‘Baal Bhojan’for which students of three Primary schools were invited. All the children had ‘Prasad’ in the front of Janananda Prasad Mandir. After that all of them collected gift from the lotus hands of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev. As it is done in the previous years, white uniform was distributed, this year the recipients were students of the Primary School of Sevanagar.


Sri Guru Poornima

Sri Guru Poornima

On 30th July evening ‘Guru Chowk’ was full of devotees who had come to celebrate Sri Guru Poornima on 31st July. The day started with the chanting of Sri Gurugita, in the gracious presence of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev. The Dhyan Mandir was filled to its capacity as more and more devotees joined in the morning. After Arati Param Poojya Sri Gurudev blessed everyone with the holy peacock feather wand.

At 8 am devotees started ‘Shramadaana’(Guruseva), men took up the task of leveling the road and women did the cleaning of children park by grass and bush cutting . At 1 pm ‘Prasad’ was served at Janananda Prasad Mandir. All had the joy of “Guru Darshan”, when Param Poojya Sri Gurudev came in the evening.



Param Poojya Sri Gurudev visited the residence of Sri & Smt. Pradeep on their request on Saturday the 4th July. HE along with HIS staff were welcomed by the couple with utmost love and respect. The ‘Charan Vandana’ was performed by washing the holy feet and worshipped offering haldi, kumkum, flower and garland. After the Arati the couple offered the fruits and new cloth. The lunch was served to all, which included delicious Kerala dishes. The party left for Siddhaloka in the evening.


Education Adaption

Last year Param Poojya Sri Gurudev decided to help deserving poor students for their education. The result is Ms. Amrutha of Thagikuppe(Magadi Taluk), studying in First year Engineering(Computer Science) got accommodation and Food arrangement . HE HIMSELF paid for this from HIS personal account.

Kum. Chaitra(First year P.U.C.), Kum.Shailaja(9th Standard), Vinaya Kumar (7th Standard) all received the School fees, books and stationery, uniform etc. Mr. Ravi Buregoni joined the mission by contributing partly.

Now, this year the devotees were given an appeal to contribute for this noble cause. Ms. Anitha Pradeep took responsibility of helping Amrutha. Ms. Priya Bhave has donated the annual expenses of Kum. Arpitha studying in First year B.Com. . Smt Sonia Kaushik and Sri Naveen Sharma contributed the annual expenses of Kum. Chaitra, Shailaja and Vinaya Kumar.

We request the educated devotees to participate for the noble cause so that more and more poor students can avail this opportunity.

Ooty Visit

Ooty Visit

From last two years Ooty has become HIS place of choice for stay in summers.

This year also HE arrived here on 7th March , where Mr. John William extended warm welcome with his team, with the immense joy as they were seeing HIM after a year. Some members who had accompanied HIM from Bangalore prepared for the back journey , where as the two Trustees Sri K.Ravi and Sri Kirupakaran stayed back to look after the arrangements for HIS comfortable stay.

HE had some visitors in addition to the weekly outings to keep HIM busy. Mr. Gunther Zeising from Germany, who is now a days stays at Mysore University to propagate his project of turning water into diesel, visited Param Poojya Sri Gurudev and discussed the days of his stay at Gurudev Siddhapeeth, Ganeshpuri.

After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

* First and foremost my heartfelt thanks to SWAMIJI, I felt very happy by this Deeksha. After this I am feeling free myself.

* It was an interesting experience.

* I felt subtle warm feeling in body, very low intensity.

* I got a glimpse of white light, my mind is peaceful & feels happy.

* I felt white light near the point of touch of Guruji’s finger.

* The moment Guru touched an intense blue light emerged out at darkness for few seconds and I felt warmness all over the body.

* When SWAMIJI touched my forehead, at the point, I felt that it was vibrating, and it continued to be in that state for some time. In that moment my mind was full blank, i.e. no Thoughts at all. It was a great experience. Thank you.

* The truth is that I got name and fame in the society and prosperity after the last Shaktipat initiation.

* During this meditation session I felt the thought free state and concentrated to keep my mind like that. I want to stay in this environment for the rest of my life.

* There was darkness when the meditation started, when GURUJI came near me I experienced the white light and the darkness. Om! Salutations to the GURU’s feet. How can I repay your debt? I experienced - Body became very light and floating in air.

* Sri Sharad Mahale from Bombay who received the Shaktipat through remote has expressed his experience that at the time of initiation my head and upper part of the body started vibrating and continued for some time.

These are the experiences narrated by the participants from Mumbai, Chennai, Tirupati, Tumkur, Coorg, Mysore and Bangalore city at the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 17th February 2015.


Siddhaloka Foundation Day

Siddhaloka Foundation day

On 15th January 2015, devotees started coming to Siddhaloka in the morning to participate in the evening Satsang in connection with the 23rd Foundation Day of Siddhaloka.

Right at 4 pm the Dhyaan mandir was filled with devotees and the Satsang commenced. After the prayer in HIS 1 hr. long discourse Param Poojya Sri Gurudev explained how Siddhaloka came to existence 23 years ago and development work took place . HE led a song from “Chetan Gita” ‘ Guru villade, arivellide…’ (how to attain the knowledge without the guidance of the Guru?) . Even after taking Shaktipaat initiation, instead of continuing their meditation people running here and there for their salvation. The satsang concluded with the distribution of Prasad.