After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

The participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15-8-2015, who had come from Pune, Mumbai, Mysore, Magadi and Bangalore city, narrated their experiences as following :-

* I felt splash of light when I was hit by Swamiji.

* After the touch of Swamiji body and mind experienced calmness.

* I lost myself, it was very nice.

* I felt content, and my ego was vanished.

* I felt flow of cool breeze entered the body .

* At the time of Shaktipaat I experienced the flow of vibrations.

* Getting a nice smell all over me, feel like all desires are fulfilled and felt light. Felt there is someone who will understand all my troubles and pains and protect me.

* I saw a snake in blue colour which was moving in a curly way. After that I saw the snake tapping my head and my head started moving front and back.

* Felt little lightness in body but my mind was totally outward.

* I am feeling relieved today after coming here. Hope it will last forever in my life to come.

* Felt the sweet smell during the meditation and Shaktipaat, when I was hit on the forehead a white light flashed.

* I had a vision of the sky where dark clouds were getting dispersed .

* I experienced peace, had vision of Guru and Shiva temple.

* Feeling very light and happy. * Before deeksha, several thoughts were rushing into my mind, just a bit tense. After deeksha, it became calm.

Smt Sonia Sharma of Noida , U.P. , who took Shaktipaat by remote writes – ‘I sat in meditation on intensive day at the mentioned timings. I felt a subtle wave entering through my head and some feeling around eyes (above and below eyes) and right ear. This was experienced in first 15-20 minutes of meditation.


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