DIVINE LIGHT dwells within all beings and illuminates the universe. Realising this truth through the grace of the Sadguru is the goal of human life. The secret of successful life lies in meditation in SELF. Meditation occurs spontaneously through Shaktipat. Only a Siddha Guru is capable of giving Shaktipat Deeksha by HIS divine word, touch, glance and thought.

- Swami Chetanananda Saraswati

Siddha Yoga is a practical and natural means of self-realization

Siddha Yoga is a practical and natural means of self-realization

Greatness of Human life

Man, who becomes Super-Man by realizing his Supreme Self through Divine Grace, is the best replica of God, the Almighty, in His blessed creation. He is the highest in the order of evolution of living beings baba copybecause of his emotional, intellectual, intuitional and verbal powers of feeling, thinking, cognizing and expressing genius of extraordinary type.

By developing these exceptional powers scientifically, man contemplates to control the whole universe and become the greatest power in the whole world. Though he has succeeded to a great extent in this mad adventure, he has utterly failed in his main purpose of becoming more happy and secure. So, he cannot claim real greatness in the world as he has neither achieved real and enduring happiness, nor overcome grief or misery.

Having known the ephemeral nature of the world through acute discrimination, he who leads a pure life of dispassion and spiritual discipline of serving a real Guru, and gets absorbed in his own Real Nature, is truly the blessed and liberated person, who is also the happiest and the greatest in the world

-Bhagwan Nityananda

Param Poojya Shri Gurudev's Samadhi Mandir