After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

* First and foremost my heartfelt thanks to SWAMIJI, I felt very happy by this Deeksha. After this I am feeling free myself.

* It was an interesting experience.

* I felt subtle warm feeling in body, very low intensity.

* I got a glimpse of white light, my mind is peaceful & feels happy.

* I felt white light near the point of touch of Guruji’s finger.

* The moment Guru touched an intense blue light emerged out at darkness for few seconds and I felt warmness all over the body.

* When SWAMIJI touched my forehead, at the point, I felt that it was vibrating, and it continued to be in that state for some time. In that moment my mind was full blank, i.e. no Thoughts at all. It was a great experience. Thank you.

* The truth is that I got name and fame in the society and prosperity after the last Shaktipat initiation.

* During this meditation session I felt the thought free state and concentrated to keep my mind like that. I want to stay in this environment for the rest of my life.

* There was darkness when the meditation started, when GURUJI came near me I experienced the white light and the darkness. Om! Salutations to the GURU’s feet. How can I repay your debt? I experienced - Body became very light and floating in air.

* Sri Sharad Mahale from Bombay who received the Shaktipat through remote has expressed his experience that at the time of initiation my head and upper part of the body started vibrating and continued for some time.

These are the experiences narrated by the participants from Mumbai, Chennai, Tirupati, Tumkur, Coorg, Mysore and Bangalore city at the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 17th February 2015.


Siddhaloka Foundation Day

Siddhaloka Foundation day

On 15th January 2015, devotees started coming to Siddhaloka in the morning to participate in the evening Satsang in connection with the 23rd Foundation Day of Siddhaloka.

Right at 4 pm the Dhyaan mandir was filled with devotees and the Satsang commenced. After the prayer in HIS 1 hr. long discourse Param Poojya Sri Gurudev explained how Siddhaloka came to existence 23 years ago and development work took place . HE led a song from “Chetan Gita” ‘ Guru villade, arivellide…’ (how to attain the knowledge without the guidance of the Guru?) . Even after taking Shaktipaat initiation, instead of continuing their meditation people running here and there for their salvation. The satsang concluded with the distribution of Prasad.