On Makar Sankranti, 15th of January 2020 Siddhaloka Foundation Day was observed. A Satsang was organised in the evening. Bhajans from the 'Chetan Gita' were sung with great enthusiasm. The Satsang was concluded with the Arati and then everyone received prasad from Param Poojya Sri Gurudev's lotus hands. The prasad was the traditional 'til-gud'(sesame and jaggery)along with some other sweets.

After the Satsang the special prasad of Tamilnadu, Sweet Pongal and Khara(salty) Pongal was distributed to all.



On 12th of December 2019, Sri Dutta Jayanti was observed .

The program started with the chanting of Avadhoot Stotram. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev narrated the story of the in carnation of Avadhoot Dattatreya, the great sage and the first Guru of Siddha lineage.

After chanting of 'Naam dhun' Arati was offered. Special prasad was distributed to all.

Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

On 7th October Ayudh Pooja was observed traditionally like every year. 

Sri Muktananda Punyatithi was observed in the night  on 13th October (Sharad Poornima night).  The devotees present chanted Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama followed by Arati.

On 28th October Sri Dhanalakshmi Pooja was celebrated.  Param Poojya Sri Gurudev arrived in HIS new vehicle from Bangaore City and there were Pooja, Prasad, Deepavali and crackers also.  Siddhaloka was shining with the glitter of diya placed everywhere, in front of Kutir, Dhyan Mandir, Janananda Prasad Mandir and staircase leading to Dhyan Mandir.

Same day few devotees from Chitradurga visited here  to have Darshan of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.

Nityananda Puniyathiti

Nityanananda Puniyathiti

On 8th August Sri Nityananda Puniyathiti was observed. This year Children (students of three primary schools of nearby villages) had ‘Bal Bhojan’ in front of Dhyan Mandir i.e in front of the Nityananda Temple, the weather was cloudy and it was drizzling in the morning till 9 a.m. From 9 am to 10 a.m the rain was stopped and the venue was ready. A transport was arranged for the children and they arrived on time.

At 10 a.m chanting started with ‘Avadhoot stotram’ and it was followed by Naam-dhun. The program was concluded with the waving of Arathi to Siddhas.

All the children sat for ‘Bal Bhojan’ along with their teachers. After the bojan, they received bag of stationery items from the lotus hands of Parm Poojya Sri Gurudev. After sending off the little guests the staff members had prasadam.

Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima

On 27th July Sri Guru Poornima was observed. Devotees started pouring in on 26th evening itself. Some of the devotees reached on 27th Morning and Sri Guru Gita was chanted at 6 A.M with Dyan Mandir packed to its capacity.


After the Guru Gita chanting, next program was the “Abhisheka” at Sri Nityananda Temple. The priest arrived and with the loud chanting of sacred ‘Mantra’, abhisheka was offered with various items like milk, curd, honey, fruits, dry fruits etc., Before Darshan, the temple was decorated with flowers and it was a very pleasant site.

Later the priest distributed “Panchammruth” and “Theerta” to all. As this full moon day an eclipse was also happening, so the “Prasadam” was arranged earlier than around 1 P.M. All present received prasadam at 11 A.M and later in the evening children from nearby villages had prasadam (bhojanam).

Sri Muktananda Jayanti


The 110th birthday celebration of Bhagawan Sri Muktananda Paramahansa was held at Siddhaloka on 29th April . Devotees gathered on the previous evening and chanted Sri Guru gita on Buddha Poornima day. The distribution of Prasad was arranged at Janananda Prasad Mandir immediately after the Arati.

The village children received Prasad in the evening as usual.



On 14 th January 2018 the 26th Siddhaloka Foundation Day was observed .

A Satsang started at 4 pm. Few selected songs from Chetan Gita were sung in chorus. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev led the songs and the present devotees repeated after HIM. In the small intervals HE explained the meanings of the songs. From the greatness of the Guru to the important aspects of leading the meaningful life, everything was encompassed in these songs. That is how it was a practical guidance for all present as the gathering was comprised of the new and old devotees from Bangalore and from the village, from different age group as well.

After the Arati in Dhyan Mandir the ‘til-gud’(sesame and jaggery) prasad was distributed. Outside, the traditional Pongal prasad was received by all.

Inauguration – Siddha Meditation Hall

Inauguration - Siddha Meditation Hall

The newly built DHYAN MANDIR (Meditation Hall) was inaugurated by Kumari Soumya (10 years) of Doddipalya on 19th November. At 8 a.m the conch was blown and she cut the ribbon amid claps from all present. The Dhyan Mandir was kept open for all, inside the Dhyan Mandir Kumari Moksha lit the lamps symbolical commencement of the next event the Siddha Meditation Intensive. After this, everybody had Prasad at Janananda Prasad Mandir and proceedings for the Siddha Meditation Intensive started.



The 35th Maha Samadhi Day of Paramhamsa Muktananda was observed on 5th October 2017.

The verandah of Janananda Prasad Mandir was decorated like a Pooja hall and devotees gathered in the evening.  The video show of Baba Muktananda were main attraction for the gathering.  Right at 10 pm Sri Vishnu Sahasranam and ‘Arati Lijo… ‘ were chanted. 

The milk was boiled in the open space to have darshan of Sharadchandra.  After adding beaten rice, sugar and cardamom powder in the hot milk Param Poojya Sri Gurudev added Saffron to make it complete Prasad. The  prasad was distributed to all present.