The Pooja day of weapons, tools, instruments,  appliances and vehicles was arranged on 29th September. 

All the items were cleaned, decorated with vibhooti, haldi, kumkum and flowers.  The Arati (Camphor on the White Pumpkin) was shown to every item and the pumpkin was sacrificed at the main gate of Ashram.  Small children fought for the coins kept in the pumpkin.  One more pumpkin was sacrificed at the gate of  Training Centre.





 The 109th Birth Anniversary of  Paramahamsa  Muktananda fell on 10th May. 

Devotees gathered before 6 am at the verandah of Janananda Prasad Mandir as the construction of new Dhyan Mandir is going on,  .  Sri Gurugita was chanted by one and all who were present.  The Arati was offered at the end .

The  Prasad was distributed in the Janananda Prasad Mandir.  Small children arrived in the evening received and enjoyed the Prasad items.



A Siddha Yoga Satsang was arranged in connection with the 25th Foundation Day of Siddhaloka on 14th January 2017.

Param Poojya Sri Gurudev spoke about the Makar Sankranti to the houseful audience gathered in the Dhyan Mandir. “ Holy Makar Sankranti day brings tremendous changes in human life . The present economic situation in the Nation will bring the desirable changes in the world. None of the Siddha students should keep black money or posses ‘benami’ property, instead he should surrender everything to the Sadguru, before the government snatches away.”

The bhajans from ‘CHETAN GITA’(songs of consciousness) composed by Param Poojya Sri Gurudev HIMSELF, were sung in chorus. HE explained the meanings of the songs. Arati was shown to Siddhas with the prayer ‘Satyada jyotiyu belagisu…….. . The Prasad containg sesame seeds and jaggery(the traditional and special prasad of Makara Sankranti occasion) was distributed to all. The Pongal prasad( one more item) was served outside the Dhyan Mandir .



The 34th Punyatithi of Paramahansa Muktananda was observed on 16th October 2016. At 10 pm Sri Vishnu Sahasranaam was chanted with the ‘Arati Lijo’ .

The videos of Baba Muktananda were shown to the gathering. Right at 12 midnight Darshan of full moon in boiling milk was done by one and all.

The Prasad was prepared by adding Beaten rice, Sugar, cardamom and Saffron, and the same was distributed to all by Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.


Ayudh Pooja

Ayudh Pooja was celebrated traditionally here on 10th October. All the tools , equipments, appliances, instruments and vehicles were cleaned, applied vibhooti , haldi and kumkum . Flowers were offered and they were ready for Pooja.

At 4 pm sharp the Pooja started and like every year children gathered to grab the coins which come out of Pumpkin after the ‘Bali’. Prasad was distributed and the vehicles moved for the ceremonial drive , (seemollanghana).


Mandal Pooja

Mandal Pooja at the newly built temple to complement the Prana Pratishtha was performed on 7th September. Devotees participated in the program which lasted for about 4 hours. The program was consisted of ‘Ganapati Homa, Navagraha Homa and Guru Devata Homa’.

The temple and the deity were decorated with flowers.

Sri Nityananda Puniyatithi

Sri Nityananda Puniyatithi

The 54th Punyatithi of Bhagawan Nityananda was observed on 30th July. At 10 am Nityananda Naam Dhuns were sung and Arati was shown to the great Siddhas. There was special pooja at the newly built temple. A magic show was held for children. This interactive event by Sri Amaranath from Magadi was enjoyed by children thoroughly.

After the entertainment it was time for Prasad. "Bal Bhojan" started . Students from the Government Primary Schools pf Sevanagar and Hosooru were the invited guests. All the children present relished the Prasad.

Next was the most awaited event. All students received stationery packets from the lotus hands of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.



Sri Guru Poornima at Siddhaloka was so very special this year. Sri Hemanth, a devotee of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev had brought an idol of Baba Nityananda from Ganeshpuri. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev wished to erect a small temple for the same.

Accordingly a small temple was built and the “Prana Pratishtha” was on the auspicious day of Sri Guru Poornima. Actually the rituals started on previous day i.e. on 18th July.

On 19th July the day started with Sri Gurugita chanting. After that again Homa started . Once the Poornaahuti was over the temple was ready for devotees to have ‘Darshan’.

Baba arrived in this form

The newly built temple in waiting

Rituals started on 18th July evening

Sri Gurugita chanting on 19th Morning

Some more rituals

The POORNAHUTI (final oblations)

The Lord of Universe sitting in the small temple


Sri Dutta Jayanti

25th December was the auspicious day in Siddhaloka. Devotees started arriving in the morning to celebrate Sri Dutta Jayanti. A small Satsang with Param Poojya Sri Gurudev in front of Dhyan Mandir took place .


At 4 pm the next session of the Satsang started with the chanting of Avadhoot stotram. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev spoke about the Guru-disciple relationship - “ Now a days there are numerous fraud gurus teaching yoga, meditation etc…, likewise there are many fraud disciples gathering here & there, deceiving and cheating each other prevails as a spiritual practice. Demonstration of Asanas and Pranayams has become a means of earning money for the gurus and wandering in pilgrimage places is a spiritual sadhana for the disciples.” HE said that it is a coincidence that Christmas fell on the same day. HE asked how the devotees of the Jesus Christ deceived and cheated him and finally killed him?

With the dhun 'Digambara, digambara....' and 'Arati Nityaananda' program concluded. Prasad was distributed to everyone.




Param Poojya Sri Gurudev proceeded towards Bangalore on 23rd November to attend the marriage ceremony of Ms. Lakshmi, d/o Sri R. Paramesh, an ardent devotee . HE reached the venue and was received with great reverence and utmost joy while the band party extended warm welcome playing the traditional welcome music.

The newly married couple honoured HIM with garlanding and Charan Vandana. All devotees present there had the opportunity to prostrate and received blessings. HE returned to Siddhaloka with HIS staff members at 1 pm.