Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

On 7th October Ayudh Pooja was observed traditionally like every year. 

Sri Muktananda Punyatithi was observed in the night  on 13th October (Sharad Poornima night).  The devotees present chanted Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama followed by Arati.

On 28th October Sri Dhanalakshmi Pooja was celebrated.  Param Poojya Sri Gurudev arrived in HIS new vehicle from Bangaore City and there were Pooja, Prasad, Deepavali and crackers also.  Siddhaloka was shining with the glitter of diya placed everywhere, in front of Kutir, Dhyan Mandir, Janananda Prasad Mandir and staircase leading to Dhyan Mandir.

Same day few devotees from Chitradurga visited here  to have Darshan of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.

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