After the Shaktipat


  • Felt extremely calm, relaxed and light.  It was like living in different reality.  Blissful experience.  Thank You Guruji.
  • I was suffering from cough today, but during meditation, I felt very calm and could breath easily.
  • Felt calmness within, intense concentration.
  • As soon as Guruji came near me, I started feeling heavy headed & kriyas started happening.  When HE touched me , the kriya became intense.  After some time everything became very quiet for some time and lost sense of surroundings.
  • Felt happy for coming here.
  • I felt a circular flame like colour at the pressed point.
  • I feel I have got complete peace.
  • After few seconds of Shaktipat Deeksha I had vision of Guru Nityananda.  After sometime I had feeling of waves on my forehead.  From there blue colour flower like figure were spreading, after this I saw bubble of blue colour were spreading like a fountain.  Still I am feeling heaviness in my head.
  • First I felt cold and my body started shivering.  After that I felt near my forehead a blue light in the form of eyes. Later I felt peace.
  • I had a new experience which was not known to me,I had darshaan of Ishwara (Shiva).  Felt peace of mind.  Some vibrations were felt in the forehead.
  • Felt a happiness along with some tension.
  • I got peace of mind. Very few thoughts came to my mind and it became calm.  My body became light and I felt we are sitting in the dark.  I understood my regular expperiences.