After the shaktipat


  • I felt a bright light, it gave me a calm and peaceful experience. It also got confidence in me.
  • I saw a green 'U' shaped light.

  • I experienced a blue light running from top to bottom and felt so light and happy.

  • On my forehead , between the eyebrows there was darkness and then light vibrated. My mind became calm and felt light.

  • My body started aching and had vision of 'Om' , 'trishool(trident)' and a smiling godess. White light flashed for a second.

  • For sometime I felt blank and experienced light weight feeling.

  • Thanks, Guruji. There were very less thoughts and I was in a peaceful state.

  • I found it difficult to keep eyes closed.

  • I saw light in AjnA chakra.

  • I felt flow of blue light in AjnA chakra.

  • When you touched I felt more pain at the back and had a vision of Lord Shiva at a distance, though the vision was not clear. After that had a vision of some female Shakti ,that was also not clear.

  • At the time of your touch I felt numbness on the forehead and head became heavy. I saw full light which was focussed like a torch light in the dark.

    These are the experiences narrated by the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive program held on 23rd Feb 2020.

    Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15th August 2020, saturday at Siddhaloka, in which Param Poojya Sri Gurudev will impart Shaktipat Diksha. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 20 persons.  

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