Guru Poornima

Guru Poornia

On 16th July Tuesday, the auspicious occassion of Sri Guru Poornima was celebrated with joy. As this day disciples express their gratitude and reverence towards their Guru, messages and phone calls started pouring in well in advance.

Here at Siddhaloka, flags were hoisted and Sri Gurugita was chanted. After the Arati Param Poojya Sri Gurudev blessed everyone with the peacock feather wand. All were delighted.

At 8'Oclock all gathered in front of the Nityananda temple for the special 'abhishek' program to mark the 3rd anniversary of the temple. The priest started the 'abhishek', For about 2 hours loud chanting of sacred 'mantras' vibrated  in the air. After 'Alankaara' (adorning the diety) 'Mangalaarati' was offered. It was followed by the Prasad.

Later in the evening children had the Prasad and relished.

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