Siddhaloka Foundation day

The 26th Siddhaloka Foundation Day was observed on 15th January 2019, the Makar Sankranti Day.

A Satsang was organized here at 4 pm. All devotees gathered for the Satsang well in advance. In the satsang bhajans composed by Param Poojya Sri Gurudev was sung. In between the bhajans, HE explained their meanings. The session was very interesting but some of the bhajans could not be accommodated due to time constraint. This was followed by the Arati and then HE distributed the prasad (packets containing many sweet tit-bits along with til & gud, as the 'til – gud' (sesame and jaggery) are considered the special items for the day).

Outside the Dhyan Mandir, another special prasad Pongal (both variants sweet and salty) was distributed to all present.


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