Siddha Meditation Intensive

The Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15th August 2017 was unique because the Dhyan Mandir where the Siddha Meditation Intensive was supposed to be held was under construction. One make-shift Meditation hall was erected in front of the Sri Nityananda temple on 14th morning. All the arrangements were done perfectly in the pendal. At 3 am on 15th August few rain droplets started pouring and it slowly turned into heavy rain disturbing the arrangements. It was decided to shift the meditation hall to the verandah of the training centre. All the arrangements for the Siddha Meditation Intensive were settled well before the program. The program commenced at the scheduled time.


These are the few experiences narrated by the participants of Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15th August 2017 :-

  • Felt Divine.
  • Before the session I had severe heart beat. After and during the Shaktipat session I had hot flashes in between the eyebrows & at top as well in Kundalini Chakra. After long time I saw God Shankar again. Thanks a lot.
  • I felt very quiet and peaceful. The mind was still and the body was stable. I saw a network of black wires which was very very thin. It was connected and had clusters of joints. I also saw a tube of very thin wires going from up to down, it was luminous.
  • When your fingers touched my forehead, my mind went blank searching for something inside me.
  •  I realised divinity of the self.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 19-11-2017  Sunday, at Siddhaloka. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 16 persons.


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