Following are the few experiences of the participants in the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 13th Nov. 2016:-

* Darshan of divine light and I forgot the outside world. At that time real God darshan with very pleasant feeling and happy to have the Guru’s blessings.

* I saw purple and blue colours , and experienced vibrations in the body.

* A constant nirguna and nirakara brightness of billions & billions of brightness of light and I merged with it. No words to explain because I and HIM are constantly together with Guru’s divine feet blessings.

* It was a good meditation.

* Mind went blank.

* I felt vibration in the middle of eyebrows just after I closed my eyes. After few seconds I saw purple color .

* Want to send more people to have this excellent experience.

* I felt very happy.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 24th February 2017, Friday. Registration is going on for 16 first comers.

68 thoughts on “AFTER THE SHAKTIPAT”

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