After the shaktipat


  • I felt a bright light, it gave me a calm and peaceful experience. It also got confidence in me.
  • I saw a green 'U' shaped light.

  • I experienced a blue light running from top to bottom and felt so light and happy.

  • On my forehead , between the eyebrows there was darkness and then light vibrated. My mind became calm and felt light.

  • My body started aching and had vision of 'Om' , 'trishool(trident)' and a smiling godess. White light flashed for a second.

  • For sometime I felt blank and experienced light weight feeling.

  • Thanks, Guruji. There were very less thoughts and I was in a peaceful state.

  • I found it difficult to keep eyes closed.

  • I saw light in AjnA chakra.

  • I felt flow of blue light in AjnA chakra.

  • When you touched I felt more pain at the back and had a vision of Lord Shiva at a distance, though the vision was not clear. After that had a vision of some female Shakti ,that was also not clear.

  • At the time of your touch I felt numbness on the forehead and head became heavy. I saw full light which was focussed like a torch light in the dark.

    These are the experiences narrated by the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive program held on 23rd Feb 2020.

    Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15th August 2020, saturday at Siddhaloka, in which Param Poojya Sri Gurudev will impart Shaktipat Diksha. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 20 persons.  



On Makar Sankranti, 15th of January 2020 Siddhaloka Foundation Day was observed. A Satsang was organised in the evening. Bhajans from the 'Chetan Gita' were sung with great enthusiasm. The Satsang was concluded with the Arati and then everyone received prasad from Param Poojya Sri Gurudev's lotus hands. The prasad was the traditional 'til-gud'(sesame and jaggery)along with some other sweets.

After the Satsang the special prasad of Tamilnadu, Sweet Pongal and Khara(salty) Pongal was distributed to all.



On 12th of December 2019, Sri Dutta Jayanti was observed .

The program started with the chanting of Avadhoot Stotram. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev narrated the story of the in carnation of Avadhoot Dattatreya, the great sage and the first Guru of Siddha lineage.

After chanting of 'Naam dhun' Arati was offered. Special prasad was distributed to all.

After the Shaktipat


  • Felt extremely calm, relaxed and light.  It was like living in different reality.  Blissful experience.  Thank You Guruji.
  • I was suffering from cough today, but during meditation, I felt very calm and could breath easily.
  • Felt calmness within, intense concentration.
  • As soon as Guruji came near me, I started feeling heavy headed & kriyas started happening.  When HE touched me , the kriya became intense.  After some time everything became very quiet for some time and lost sense of surroundings.
  • Felt happy for coming here.
  • I felt a circular flame like colour at the pressed point.
  • I feel I have got complete peace.
  • After few seconds of Shaktipat Deeksha I had vision of Guru Nityananda.  After sometime I had feeling of waves on my forehead.  From there blue colour flower like figure were spreading, after this I saw bubble of blue colour were spreading like a fountain.  Still I am feeling heaviness in my head.
  • First I felt cold and my body started shivering.  After that I felt near my forehead a blue light in the form of eyes. Later I felt peace.
  • I had a new experience which was not known to me,I had darshaan of Ishwara (Shiva).  Felt peace of mind.  Some vibrations were felt in the forehead.
  • Felt a happiness along with some tension.
  • I got peace of mind. Very few thoughts came to my mind and it became calm.  My body became light and I felt we are sitting in the dark.  I understood my regular expperiences.

Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

Programs at Siddhaloka in October 2019

On 7th October Ayudh Pooja was observed traditionally like every year. 

Sri Muktananda Punyatithi was observed in the night  on 13th October (Sharad Poornima night).  The devotees present chanted Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama followed by Arati.

On 28th October Sri Dhanalakshmi Pooja was celebrated.  Param Poojya Sri Gurudev arrived in HIS new vehicle from Bangaore City and there were Pooja, Prasad, Deepavali and crackers also.  Siddhaloka was shining with the glitter of diya placed everywhere, in front of Kutir, Dhyan Mandir, Janananda Prasad Mandir and staircase leading to Dhyan Mandir.

Same day few devotees from Chitradurga visited here  to have Darshan of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.



  • I felt the stream of energy flowing through my spine. On the process of Shaktipat and end of it, I was able to get into a deep meditation state.
  • It was a completely different experience from the day to day routine life. The mind was completely relaxed and peaceful also enlightening. I wish to attend the same in the future. The purpose of the program was served and I thank you for giving the opportunity to attend the same.
  • When you came near me my body was shaking (left to right).
  • It was a deep meditation state. First few minutes I was normal. After some time mind became relax, concentration on the breathing and all thoughts which were continuously coming that got vanish. Meditation was nice, made me calm and relax.
  • After Swamiji's touch, I felt a sudden movement in my spine, which was not in my control. It lasts for quite long followed by a kind of pranayama. The waves of this experience were coming and going. Even after a session feeling different.
  • Experience: Peaceful.
  • The mind became pure and experienced calmness.
  • These are the experiences narrated by the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive program held on 15th August 2019.

    Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 17-11-2019, Sunday at Siddhaloka, in which Param Poojya Sri Gurudev will impart Shaktipat Diksha. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 20 persons.  



The 57th Punyatithi of Bhagawan Nityananda was observed here on 29th July. In the Dhyan Mandir Avadhoot stotram, Bhajans and Naam dhuns
were chanted . This program concluded with the Arati. It was followed by the main event of the day i.e. Bal Bhojan. All students of the three primary schools arrived in time. Bhojan was served to the children and their teachers. Every student received a bag containing a notebook, coloring book, pen, pencil, sketch pens, eraser, sharpner, scale along with the toothbrush and paste.

Guru Poornima

Guru Poornia

On 16th July Tuesday, the auspicious occassion of Sri Guru Poornima was celebrated with joy. As this day disciples express their gratitude and reverence towards their Guru, messages and phone calls started pouring in well in advance.

Here at Siddhaloka, flags were hoisted and Sri Gurugita was chanted. After the Arati Param Poojya Sri Gurudev blessed everyone with the peacock feather wand. All were delighted.

At 8'Oclock all gathered in front of the Nityananda temple for the special 'abhishek' program to mark the 3rd anniversary of the temple. The priest started the 'abhishek', For about 2 hours loud chanting of sacred 'mantras' vibrated  in the air. After 'Alankaara' (adorning the diety) 'Mangalaarati' was offered. It was followed by the Prasad.

Later in the evening children had the Prasad and relished.

After Shaktipat

  • I felt darkness
  • At the time of Deeksha, I experienced heaviness in the head and fast breathing felt vibrations in head and spine.
  • Experience of meditation at the time of Shaktipat initiation
  • For a moment, I felt liberated from all bondage.
  • Before coming here I was feeling blank. By your divine touch, I saw the light, vision of Shiva and Nityananda. After opening the eyes I experienced the new world of cautiousness.
  • Experience of tranquility in the head and body
    also, pain in the head and other parts of the body.
  • After Shaktipat I felt the vibration in my head and after a few minutes, I felt lightness in my head.
  • Guruji, when Deeksha was given, I could feel the vibration in my forehead & had head weight.
  • After Shaktipt Deeksha I felt vibrations and felt blessed by Guruji Nityananda.

These are the experiences narrated by the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive program held on 4th March 2019.
Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15-8-2019, Thursday at Siddhaloka, in which Param Poojya Sri Gurudev will impart Shaktipat Diksha. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 20 persons.