Avadhuta Nityananda


Avadhuta Nityananda of Kanhangad and Vajreshwari was a most divine Siddha Guru, possessing unique spiritual powers. HE was, and still is, famous throughout India as an extraordinary saint. HE always revelled in His own joy, identifying Himself with the entire universe. HE was completely detached from all HIS actions and lived frugally. HE was a divinely intoxicated yogi and was a born Siddha ('Perfect Master'). After wandering across the length and breadth of India on foot, HE finally chose Vajreshwari near Mumbai as HIS abode. On 8 August 1961 HE gave up HIS earthly form.

Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa



Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa was born in 1908 near Mangalore in Karnataka State, India, into a well-off family.  At 15 he encountered Bhagavan Nityananda, a wandering avadhoot who profoundly changed his life. After this encounter, HE left home and began his search for the experience of God. He studied under Siddharudha Swami at Hubli, where he learned Sanskrit, Vedanta and all branches of yoga. After Siddharudha's death, Muktananda began wandering India on foot, studying with many different saints and gurus.

After more than 20 years of searching through the subcontinent of India, in 1947 Muktananda went to Ganeshpuri to receive the darshan of Bhagavan Nityananda, the renowned saint who had originally inspired Muktananda's search for God. He received shaktipat initiation from him in the early morning of 15 August of that year. Muktananda often said that his spiritual journey didn't truly begin until he received shaktipat from the holy man Bhagavan Nityananda.


Param Poojya Swami Chetanananda Saraswati

IMGP0054-1-2Param Poojya Swami Chetanananda Saraswati was born in a noble and religious family in South India. HE realised the true knowledge of the Self from within at the tender age of five. HE surrendered HIMSELF to Bhagwan Nityananda at the age of 11. Avadhuta Nityananda inspired HIM to serve the Motherland. For the next 12 years HE devoted Himself to selfless service as a social worker, fighting the hidden evils of the nation, ever mindful to stay away from name and fame.

In 1971, Mother Kanyakumari revealed Herself to Param Poojya Gurudev. HIS mode of rendering service changed according to Her instructions. From the southernmost tip of India, HE walked to the Himalayas, inspiring people and creating an awareness about Mother Kundalini. Even today HE serves HIS disciples through the ancient process of Shaktipat, lighting up their lives with the bliss of their own inner Self.

For the next six years, Param Poojya Gurudev did intense penance, first in the Himalayas and then on the banks of the Narmada river in Western India. Swamiji visited 52 countries after returning from the Himalayas, all the while maintaining complete Mouna (silence). By HIS grace, HE initiated literally lakhs of people into Siddha Yoga and made them realize the glory of their own Self. All this was acheived not through speeches or discourses, but the power of silence. HE conducted numerous Siddha Meditation Intensives, where people were blessed with Shaktipat by HIS divine grace. Thus HE initiated a practical, worldwide Siddha Yoga movement.

In 1977, Swami Chetanananda was the first disciple to receive Sanyas Deeksha from Swami Muktananda Paramahansa at Ganeshpuri. This was the formal initiation into Sanyas: the final stage of renunciation. Thus, Sri Gurudev carries with HIM the full blessings of both the great Siddhas of this century: Bhagwan Nityananda and Swami Muktananda.