Following are the few experiences of the participants in the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 13th Nov. 2016:-

* Darshan of divine light and I forgot the outside world. At that time real God darshan with very pleasant feeling and happy to have the Guru’s blessings.

* I saw purple and blue colours , and experienced vibrations in the body.

* A constant nirguna and nirakara brightness of billions & billions of brightness of light and I merged with it. No words to explain because I and HIM are constantly together with Guru’s divine feet blessings.

* It was a good meditation.

* Mind went blank.

* I felt vibration in the middle of eyebrows just after I closed my eyes. After few seconds I saw purple color .

* Want to send more people to have this excellent experience.

* I felt very happy.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 24th February 2017, Friday. Registration is going on for 16 first comers.

After the Shaktipat



After the Shaktipat

Following are the few experiences of the participants in the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15th Aug. 2016:-

  •  I saw the blue light circle and it converted to dark purple small dense bubble in the same circle. There was a small black round in the circle which kept moving here and there. Feeling very quiet and peaceful in mind.
  • Felt deep calmness. I need your blessings as I wish to see blue light.
  • I have felt the silence of brain and no thoughts for some time.
  • After the Shaktipat I am feeling energetic.
  • Experience was blissful, for sometime my neck and head froze and for some interval I could see different shades of bright electric patchy blue color come and go and I felt deep meditative experience.
  • Had a very warm experience at the whole body. Seen little violet/blue colors at the eyelids.
  •  I experienced blissful state. I saw black and then red mixed colors. When I placed my palms on eyes I experienced life cells. 

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 13th November 2016. Registration is going on for 16 first comers.


After the Shaktipat





Following are the experiences of the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 7th March 2016, at Siddhaloka.

* Initially blank but after you tapped on my forehead I saw you , your Holiness then white colour and then light blue colour. I saw the hood of a snake and then felt light and warmth( by body ). I could not feel my finger to finger touch. I take all this as your grace.

* I saw four colours blue green, blue white, blue silver and blue gold.

* I felt my body was rotating but I was not able to see anything, everything was blank.

* I saw yellow light within blue light.

* Your Ashram has a very peaceful atmosphere and very hospitable volunteers.

* I was feeling very good and pleasant. I saw a white light coming from a dark and narrow point. It was a good experience.

* I found peace after coming here, which I had never imagined. I realized the real meaning of Peace here.

* When Guruji tapped my forehead I felt some power passing through my whole body.

* I experienced some vibrations in my body, which was not allowing me to sit.

* After first minute my eyes were blank and after two minutes I saw a ray of light falling on some person, but I could not see the face of the person.

* After listening you I felt happiness and peace.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15th August 2016. Registration is going on for 16 first comers.

After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

The seekers of Truth attended the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15th November arrived from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka states. They narrated their experiences as below ---

• A wonderful experience. Felt peaceful and had a vision of white light.

• Feeling very happy and blessed

• I felt a lot of pulsation at my forehead region where you touched. It was going on for a long time.

• My experience after deeksha -- mind became calm.

• I am very glad to have Guruji’s blessings and initiation.

• My experience -- I am feeling very peaceful and calm in my mind.

• I was very happy after the Darshan.

• I felt happy at the time of Deeksha. No questions left. I surrender everything at the lotus feet of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev.

• We attained peace and calmness after coming here.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 7th March 2016,(Sri MahaShivaratri Day). Registration commenced on ‘first come first serve’ basis for 16 persons only.


After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

The participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15-8-2015, who had come from Pune, Mumbai, Mysore, Magadi and Bangalore city, narrated their experiences as following :-

* I felt splash of light when I was hit by Swamiji.

* After the touch of Swamiji body and mind experienced calmness.

* I lost myself, it was very nice.

* I felt content, and my ego was vanished.

* I felt flow of cool breeze entered the body .

* At the time of Shaktipaat I experienced the flow of vibrations.

* Getting a nice smell all over me, feel like all desires are fulfilled and felt light. Felt there is someone who will understand all my troubles and pains and protect me.

* I saw a snake in blue colour which was moving in a curly way. After that I saw the snake tapping my head and my head started moving front and back.

* Felt little lightness in body but my mind was totally outward.

* I am feeling relieved today after coming here. Hope it will last forever in my life to come.

* Felt the sweet smell during the meditation and Shaktipaat, when I was hit on the forehead a white light flashed.

* I had a vision of the sky where dark clouds were getting dispersed .

* I experienced peace, had vision of Guru and Shiva temple.

* Feeling very light and happy. * Before deeksha, several thoughts were rushing into my mind, just a bit tense. After deeksha, it became calm.

Smt Sonia Sharma of Noida , U.P. , who took Shaktipaat by remote writes – ‘I sat in meditation on intensive day at the mentioned timings. I felt a subtle wave entering through my head and some feeling around eyes (above and below eyes) and right ear. This was experienced in first 15-20 minutes of meditation.


After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

* First and foremost my heartfelt thanks to SWAMIJI, I felt very happy by this Deeksha. After this I am feeling free myself.

* It was an interesting experience.

* I felt subtle warm feeling in body, very low intensity.

* I got a glimpse of white light, my mind is peaceful & feels happy.

* I felt white light near the point of touch of Guruji’s finger.

* The moment Guru touched an intense blue light emerged out at darkness for few seconds and I felt warmness all over the body.

* When SWAMIJI touched my forehead, at the point, I felt that it was vibrating, and it continued to be in that state for some time. In that moment my mind was full blank, i.e. no Thoughts at all. It was a great experience. Thank you.

* The truth is that I got name and fame in the society and prosperity after the last Shaktipat initiation.

* During this meditation session I felt the thought free state and concentrated to keep my mind like that. I want to stay in this environment for the rest of my life.

* There was darkness when the meditation started, when GURUJI came near me I experienced the white light and the darkness. Om! Salutations to the GURU’s feet. How can I repay your debt? I experienced - Body became very light and floating in air.

* Sri Sharad Mahale from Bombay who received the Shaktipat through remote has expressed his experience that at the time of initiation my head and upper part of the body started vibrating and continued for some time.

These are the experiences narrated by the participants from Mumbai, Chennai, Tirupati, Tumkur, Coorg, Mysore and Bangalore city at the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 17th February 2015.