After the Shaktipat

After the Shaktipat

* Ashirwad of Guru feeling, mind spontaneously variations, mixed feelings.

* I felt very peaceful and calm. In the end, when I put my hands on my eyes, I saw something dark blue.

* I felt everything got erased from my head, feeling more positive.

* I felt very good and all the negative energy and negative thoughts went away.

* Feeling light. I saw blue-violet light in my third eye.

* Vibrations started in the vishuddhi & I still have a pulling effect in the agya and sahasrar chakra & feeling peace & did not want to open my eyes.

* Nothing much felt little warm.

* I felt calmer than before and enjoyed the chanting.

* Thank you Swamiji. My heartfelt gratitude for this divine experience & your divine blessing. I have no thoughts of the past arising after Deeksha. During the Shaktipat, I could feel the energy rise & heal a blockage between my anahat & manipura. Now I feel more present & aware with more energy.

* I have experienced that something has gone up from my body outside. Some ticking has happened in the whole body.

* Flash of white light and emotional outburst. Very strong desire to liberate.

These are the experiences narrated by the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 15-8-2018. The participants were of age 11yrs, 12yrs., 18years to 68 yrs and they had come from Vizag, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Hubli, and Bangalore.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 18-11-2018, Sunday at Siddhaloka, in which Param Poojya Sri Gurudev will impart Shaktipat Diksha. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 16 persons.

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