*  I experienced peace of mind.
*  I had the vision of Sri Guru and Blue light.
*  I saw blue and black clouds before you touched my forehead. When you placed your hand I felt I have a lot of ‘Ego’.
*  In the beginning I saw golden light in the middle of mountains. Afterwards I saw a circle of blue light.
*  Magnetic effect of body, extending beyond the space.
*  I could feel some petal like white object making pendulum oscillations.
*  My mind was wandering till you gave your powerful touch. I saw alight blue colour waterfall at which base water was getting collected of dark blue colour.  After that for long I am feeling peaceful and blissful, it is continuing.
*  Felt peace. Body and mind became numb.  Peacock blue colour clouds came in vision.
*  I lost balance of the body and the body was swinging without control.
*  I experienced some energy at the upper portion of the back.
*  At the time of deeksha and for some time after that, few thoughts which were troubling from the past, went out leaving my mind restless. After that immediately I felt peace of mind.  I felt my mind is going through purification.
*  When I received diksha, I felt thrilled. I was in an unknown state.
*  When I received diksha, I felt warm sensation through out my body and it was a new experience.

These are the experiences narrated by participants of Siddha meditation intensive program held on 24th Feb 2017. The participants had come from Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15-08-2017  Tuesday , (Divya Diksha Day) at Siddhaloka. Registration commenced. Participation on ‘First come first serve’ basis for 16 persons.