Sri Guru Poornima at Siddhaloka was so very special this year. Sri Hemanth, a devotee of Param Poojya Sri Gurudev had brought an idol of Baba Nityananda from Ganeshpuri. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev wished to erect a small temple for the same.

Accordingly a small temple was built and the “Prana Pratishtha” was on the auspicious day of Sri Guru Poornima. Actually the rituals started on previous day i.e. on 18th July.

On 19th July the day started with Sri Gurugita chanting. After that again Homa started . Once the Poornaahuti was over the temple was ready for devotees to have ‘Darshan’.

Baba arrived in this form

The newly built temple in waiting

Rituals started on 18th July evening

Sri Gurugita chanting on 19th Morning

Some more rituals

The POORNAHUTI (final oblations)

The Lord of Universe sitting in the small temple