Talwar Tour

Talwar Tour

Param Poojya Sri Gurudev has selected Talwara , in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab as the place for HIS stay in summer, this year. HE reached on 15th March and will camp there for 2 months.

In addition to the visitors, there were small trips to nearby places which kept HIM busy. HE visited some Samadhi shrines of Siddhas and Gurus, surrounding Talwara. First of all it was the abode of Baba Lal ji. HE visited Baba Lal Ji ki gaadi at ‘Datarapur’ and the place where he did penance ‘Brindavan’.

Second day it was the place where Pandavas stayed during there ‘Vanavaas’. The place is called as ‘Pandayan’ in memory of Pandavas. After this HE visited the nearby place and had Darshan at the samaadhi shrine of Siddhaguru ‘Shri Dayaalu Baba’. Next in line was the samaadhi shrine of one more Siddha ‘Shri Bohare vale Shah Ji’.

Third day HE visited an old Shiva-temple ‘Kathagarh’. Same day in the evening HE visited yet another shrine of a Siddha from ‘Udaseen ‘ cult ‘Shri Ghaati vale Baba’ and had drashan of Samaadhi and Dhooni.

At all places Param Poojya Sri Gurudev was received with great reverence. The Heads of the institutions presented HIM offerings and dakshina.