After the Shaktipat





Following are the experiences of the participants of the Siddha Meditation Intensive held on 7th March 2016, at Siddhaloka.

* Initially blank but after you tapped on my forehead I saw you , your Holiness then white colour and then light blue colour. I saw the hood of a snake and then felt light and warmth( by body ). I could not feel my finger to finger touch. I take all this as your grace.

* I saw four colours blue green, blue white, blue silver and blue gold.

* I felt my body was rotating but I was not able to see anything, everything was blank.

* I saw yellow light within blue light.

* Your Ashram has a very peaceful atmosphere and very hospitable volunteers.

* I was feeling very good and pleasant. I saw a white light coming from a dark and narrow point. It was a good experience.

* I found peace after coming here, which I had never imagined. I realized the real meaning of Peace here.

* When Guruji tapped my forehead I felt some power passing through my whole body.

* I experienced some vibrations in my body, which was not allowing me to sit.

* After first minute my eyes were blank and after two minutes I saw a ray of light falling on some person, but I could not see the face of the person.

* After listening you I felt happiness and peace.

Next Siddha Meditation Intensive will be held on 15th August 2016. Registration is going on for 16 first comers.