Sri Dutta Jayanti

25th December was the auspicious day in Siddhaloka. Devotees started arriving in the morning to celebrate Sri Dutta Jayanti. A small Satsang with Param Poojya Sri Gurudev in front of Dhyan Mandir took place .


At 4 pm the next session of the Satsang started with the chanting of Avadhoot stotram. Param Poojya Sri Gurudev spoke about the Guru-disciple relationship - “ Now a days there are numerous fraud gurus teaching yoga, meditation etc…, likewise there are many fraud disciples gathering here & there, deceiving and cheating each other prevails as a spiritual practice. Demonstration of Asanas and Pranayams has become a means of earning money for the gurus and wandering in pilgrimage places is a spiritual sadhana for the disciples.” HE said that it is a coincidence that Christmas fell on the same day. HE asked how the devotees of the Jesus Christ deceived and cheated him and finally killed him?

With the dhun 'Digambara, digambara....' and 'Arati Nityaananda' program concluded. Prasad was distributed to everyone.