Education Adaption

Last year Param Poojya Sri Gurudev decided to help deserving poor students for their education. The result is Ms. Amrutha of Thagikuppe(Magadi Taluk), studying in First year Engineering(Computer Science) got accommodation and Food arrangement . HE HIMSELF paid for this from HIS personal account.

Kum. Chaitra(First year P.U.C.), Kum.Shailaja(9th Standard), Vinaya Kumar (7th Standard) all received the School fees, books and stationery, uniform etc. Mr. Ravi Buregoni joined the mission by contributing partly.

Now, this year the devotees were given an appeal to contribute for this noble cause. Ms. Anitha Pradeep took responsibility of helping Amrutha. Ms. Priya Bhave has donated the annual expenses of Kum. Arpitha studying in First year B.Com. . Smt Sonia Kaushik and Sri Naveen Sharma contributed the annual expenses of Kum. Chaitra, Shailaja and Vinaya Kumar.

We request the educated devotees to participate for the noble cause so that more and more poor students can avail this opportunity.

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