Siddhaloka Foundation Day

Siddhaloka Foundation day

On 15th January 2015, devotees started coming to Siddhaloka in the morning to participate in the evening Satsang in connection with the 23rd Foundation Day of Siddhaloka.

Right at 4 pm the Dhyaan mandir was filled with devotees and the Satsang commenced. After the prayer in HIS 1 hr. long discourse Param Poojya Sri Gurudev explained how Siddhaloka came to existence 23 years ago and development work took place . HE led a song from “Chetan Gita” ‘ Guru villade, arivellide…’ (how to attain the knowledge without the guidance of the Guru?) . Even after taking Shaktipaat initiation, instead of continuing their meditation people running here and there for their salvation. The satsang concluded with the distribution of Prasad.